Teacher Mason Jar Craft


FullSizeRenderI love making handmade gifts. If there is a holiday, you can pretty much guarantee I will want to make something to give someone. Call me crazy, or just resourceful because the nearest store with craft supplies (besides a dollar general) is more than 30 miles away; its just easier to make something sometimes!


Having some basic craft supplies that you buy for a project once will last for multiple projects. With that being said, I had all of the materials on hand to make these cute little mason jars for the kiddo’s teachers as a beginning of the year gift. This would be perfect to give a teacher anytime! Christmas, Teacher appreciation day, you name it!


Materials You Will Need:

  • Acrylic paint in red, pink, yellow, brown, grey, black and green.  Feel free to mix red and white for pink and black and white for grey, if you don’t want to buy all of them. I didn’t have black so I mixed blue red and brown til I got a deep enough color to pass for black
  • Paint brushes, foam brushes are my fave. They always come in a pack and you can just toss them when you are done since they are so cheap.
  • Paint pens if you want to trace the zig zag pattern on the pencil or write No. 2 on it in black or the teachers name
  • Painters tape if you want to have super clean lines by the rim or any areas on the pencil you want to be crisp.
  • Mason jars, I used 16oz
  • Twine
  • Pencils or candy to fill up the cups

I used this image (that had no instructions) from Pinterest, it was a craft I think they did at Michael’s. (its not the best quality, but you get the idea)



For the pencil I used, black, pink, grey, yellow acrylic paint. I actually didn’t have some of the colors, so I mixed red and white to make pink. I didnt have the black either and mixed some blue red and brown to make a deep enough color to pass for black since it was just a small spot on the pencil. You have to be resourceful sometimes


It took my mason jar and and used some paint pens I already had.

I painted the pink eraser part first, then I moved on and and grabbed some painters tape to make a clean line for the metal part of the pencil and used a sharpie paint pen because I didn’t have a grey paint or colors to make grey.FullSizeRender-2



FullSizeRender-1Then I just freehand traced an outline of the zigzag pattern on pencils with another paint pen (bought them for a previous project and had all the colors) and outlined where the yellow would go and painted that area. I let each section dry in front of the fan before I moved on to the next area. I painted the wood part brown and then I took the mixed colors (purple,blue and brown) to paint the black part of the pencil on the rim of the cup.


My biggest tip for crafts like this is to let things dry in front of a fan, it will make things dry so much faster! 


For the apple, I painted the mason jar red then waited until that was dry and painted the rim brown. I took some of my green paint and painted on a leaf. You could tie some twine or ribbon and cut out a leaf shape from paper or felt if you have it and hole punch it and attach to the twine and tie that on the rim too!


I popped some pencils in them from Dollar General, and spent under $5 for each jar!

I hope you try these out and give them to the teachers in your life and it makes them smile.


Back To School Again


Where has the summer gone?!

We have a little less than 2 weeks left of summer, and its an emotional year for our household. BOTH boys will be in school all day for the first time.

My mom heart hurts for all kinds of different reasons and yet is excited about this new chapter for our family (more about this later).

I wanted to talk about ALL THINGS BACK TO SCHOOL!

What are some of your back to school traditions, fave shopping spots, and what do you do to prep for getting back into the school year routine. I’ll be sharing what we do. 🙂

Being a boy mom comes with a lot of chaos managing. They’re loud, they’re rough, they’re fearless, they’re messy (but what kids aren’t), and… they’re tough on their clothes!

I’ve been really lucky with the fact that we get some amazing hand-me-downs from good friends of ours which end up going to both boys because they wear the same things in the same seasons; since their birthdays are exactly 3 years and 1 week apart. So, anything we had for our oldest got passed down to our youngest, and our oldest wasn’t really rough on his clothes until he started kindergarten, particularly his jeans! LORD knows how this boy constantly got holes in the knees of his pants.


As we were constantly repairing and then throwing out his pants we started to buy Cat & Jack jeans at target. They had just started this line, and we always shop at target anyway! So we gave it a shot. The coolest thing though, is that ALL CAT & JACK clothes (shoes too) come with a 1 YEAR GUARANTEE! Like what?! Any defects, damage that your child may do, will be replaced! This was the best thing ever for us and the jean dilemma!


Save your receipt if you don’t have a Target Redcard, but you really should get one, and then they will honor what you paid for those items up to 12 months later! If you have a Redcard, just take your things into guest services and they will give you credit back to your account or a giftcard for the FULL AMOUNT of the items!! HOLY GUACAMOLE!

This is a little secret from the target employee, Target’s system doesn’t have the capability to look up receipts older than 4 months out. If you used a Redcard, they will give you a giftcard for the full amount and you’re good to go! Now you can replace the clothes, even in a bigger size for the next school year! Or, you could treat yourself to whatever you want since it’s a giftcard! I did this and I was so happy that I was able to take them back and get new jeans for this upcoming school year. Now I won’t worry about how hard he is or isn’t on his jeans! Give Cat & Jack a try!


This is where I kind of “splurge”, on their backpacks. I started getting cute Pottery Barn backpacks when my oldest went off to preschool, and it became something I looked forward to buying. I just LOVE pottery barn, and I know the backpacks are going to be great quality and last. Last year, I got my a bigger backpack for my oldest (size Large) from Pottery Barn, and this year, I won’t be getting him a new one since its still in amazing shape and is big enough for him to use for a couple more years.  I did get my younger son since he hadn’t gotten a brand “new” one yet and I thought it would be a cute way to commemorate going off to Kindergarten.

I got him this oneScreen Shot 2018-08-03 at 1.51.07 PM.pngand this awesome matching lunch box. I got this really cool hard shell lunch box that was on clearance for my bigger guy (since he is so rough on his lunch pails- I usually get a new one each year).

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 1.55.05 PM

I used a 20% off coupon, and they offered free shipping on all backpacks and lunch boxes. I’ll call that a win!


Now for my favorite tradition for back-to-school (besides picking out PB backpacks), taking first day of school pictures! I know that you know there are a BILLION ways to do this thanks to Pinterest and everyone else you have to see on social media- here is what I did and stick with.  backtoschool

One of our good friends did this and I loved it, and knew when my kids were old enough I would do this too. I used a Crayola Easel we had, and use magnetic letters and numbers to write out their name, what grade, first day of whatever grade, and the date. This is something I love and really look forward to. Its especially amazing when you can compare the LAST day of that school year side by side. By doing this tradition, I plan on having all of their school years like this to remember. Imagine how annoyed and embarrassed HighSchool boys will me when I make them (and I will make them) stand in front of a easel on the first and last day of school! You can use a dry erase board, a letterboard, a banner, you can photoshop pictures and add text to them, there are all kinds of fun ways to mark the beginning of school for your kids, and making those tradition are what is the most fun.

Find what brings you joy, and stick with it!

I’m raising my coffee cup to you mamas and giving you a symbolic cheers to the upcoming school year with some (lets face it) lukewarm coffee!