Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camping Trip Review

Wow! It’s been awhile!

A few weeks ago we took a trip (totally out of the ordinary for us) to Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Lodi, Ca.

There are several locations throughout the U.S. but this one was a little less than 3 hours from us, so it was virtually a no brainer. Now that we are home, I decided this was definitely worthy of a blog post (if people even read these things anymore).

At Jellystone you can either tent camp, stay in a cabin, or use an RV.

On the dates we were looking to go, no cabins were available, so that led us to the next option: an RV.

Renting an RV with RV Share

We don’t own an RV, so (first time experience here) we rented an RV from RV Share.

This was the easiest option for me, since I have never used an RV or even hooked one up. I wasn’t sure if I would be flying solo on this trip, as my husband is in his busy season with Farming (in late July). At Jellystone there are full RV hookups (electricity/water) to connect your RV to.

I chose the option where they drop off and pickup the RV. They hook it up and do all of the dumping (no thanks) and I can just drive up and enjoy the RV!

If you have zero RV experience, or just want a break from the stress of setup and teardown, I highly recommend doing this!

Using the RV was pretty easy (aside from our fridge not being fully cold right away). There was plenty of space in the RV and it was a really fun experience overall! We had a separate master bed area, bunk beds, full fridge/freezer, microwave, stove, kitchen sink and full bath (“full” for an RV is a relative term).

If you want to look into booking an RV Share trip at Jellystone or anywhere else, use this link to get $25 off!

Yogi Bear Campgrounds:

Yogi Bear offers A LOT to do! There is a waterpark that has a lazy river, which my kids literally did not leave. They stayed from open til close (11am-5pm).

There is laser tag, mini-golf, a jumping pillow, basketball, playground, activities, there are themed weeks out of the month, and they show nightly movies. There is even a river/waterfront area that you can fish, paddleboard or kayak in. I’m sure there are other things I did’t even list– there is so much to do!

When we went, the theme at the time was “Christmas in July”. They showed Polar Express and How The Grinch Stole Christmas movies at night.

There was also laser tag at night, but the boys were so wiped (and happy) only using the waterpark and basketball that we didn’t even do those other things.

Depending where you are located within the camp, you may want to rent a golf cart to get around. The park is LARGE and there aren’t places to take a car. So it’s either a golf cart, or by foot. Click here to see a map of the park.

We rented a golf cart, and we used it constantly. It stayed charged the whole time too (2 days) and we didn’t need to charge it once. I highly recommend this option!

There is a restaurant and several food trucks on-site if you are running short on food or don’t want to cook.

If you forgot something, there is a store there as well with everything you need from snacks, toys, RV hoses, you name it! It is a tad pricey, but definitely good in a pinch.

I hope this is a vacation the boys will remember, it was a completely different experience for us and I would be up to try it again sometime. If you have any favorite camp spots please share them with me in the comments!

Our Fave Books For Boys


Our Fave Books For Boys.pngBeing a boy mom is definitely a different type of motherhood, I know it sounds silly, but its true!

I think boys  (mostly) are not super interested in reading naturally so I always am in search of books that are fun to read together at night or independently to help their reading fluency.

I will preface by saying my older (9 year old) couldn’t care less about reading and thats a struggle to find books (and now chapter books) that he loves to read.

Below I will post our faves that can either be read TO your kiddos, or they can attempt on their own depending on their abilities.

Boy moms will for sure appreciate the recommendations, and I’m sure girls would enjoy these as well.


  • Utilize your library. I request books on an app straight from my phone and I go to the library and pick up the physical books I requested.
  • You can get physical books, digital books, or even audio books through your library- ALL FREE! No more clutter and books you have to store and manage (thats a struggle in my house)

     Links for my local moms-

           Library App to request, renew and manage books.

         App for digital books too. I have both on my phone.

  • If you’re big into buying books, check out the used option on Amazon when checking out, or thriftbooks.com for cheaper options.



Untitled design (2)

1-Dragon Masters 2- How To Train Your Dragon 3- Galaxy Zack 4- Haggis And Tank 5- Unicorn and Yeti 6- Princess Pink  7- Eerie Elementary 8- Press Start! 9-The Notebook of Doom 10- The Last Kids On Earth 11- Hardy Boys 12- Ben Braver 


Look for Scholastic Acorn & Branches books

They are great books as your kids get  into chapter books, and there are great comprehension questions at the end of every book. I love that even for older kiddos, there are still pictures on every page- thats KEY for my older one.

Look for the logo in the top right corner- Acorn books are aimed at children who are learning to read. With easy-to-read text, a short-story format, plenty of humor, and full-color artwork on every page, these books will boost reading confidence and fluency. Acorn books plant a love of reading and help readers grow!

Branches are aimed at newly independent readers. With easy-to-read text, high-interest content, fast-paced plots, and illustrations on every page, these books will boost reading confidence and stamina. Branches books help readers grow!


Dragon Masters- There are over 10 books in this series, each under 100 pages and pictures on each page. The story is a fun magical ride for the younger kids.

How To Train Your Dragon Series- Keeping with the dragon theme, we love How to Train Your Dragon! There are 11 of these books, and I loved the fact that the books DO NOT follow the same plot line as the movies. Same characters, different stories. They are about a 5th grade reading level, they don’t have a lot of pictures, but my younger one is really into listening to me read them to him at night.

 Galaxy Zack- There are SO many of these books, I believe over 15! This series is fun, its about a boy named Zack (who is 8 years old, right up our alley here) who has to go with his family and live on a new planet called Nebulon. He loves pizza, like my oldest and I think its a really fun story. I’m looking forward to reading more of these this summer.

Haggis And Tank- This is an acorn scholastic book, and there are more in the series. It follows a Scottish terrier (Haggis) and a Great Dane (Tank) as they go on make believe adventures. There are questions at the end of the book to go back over and pick up on different parts of the story, like the use of homophones and key points in that story.

Yeti And Unicorn- Another acorn scholastic book with questions and some drawing directions at the back. This follows the friendship between Yeti and Unicorn and its so cute!

Princess Pink- Now this is a deceiving title. It is a book with the name PRINCESS in it, but I love how these stories create a fun spin on classic fairytales like the Three Little Pigs, Jack and the Beanstalk, and the Little Red Riding Hood. Even though it says Princess- its still a fun twist on stories for the boys.

A Friend For Dragon Another Acorn book I forgot to picture, was written by the author of DogMan and Captain Underpants (Dav Pilkey) and the few books he wrote surround Dragon and him finding a friend (which is an apple) having a fat  cat (it was super funny) and problem solving. They were really cute and funny.

Eerie Elementary- My oldest really got into these, they are not my favorite but if he is engaged and interested I’ll help facilitate that interest. The plot line in this series follows a group of kids as they protect the school “Eerie Elementary” and its students from different things that come to life and haunts it;  like the swingset or the science experiments.

Press Start! I will say this is my FAVORITE find for boys so far. These books take place inside a video game that a boy in the story plays. There are 12 books, and each has a different obstacle to overcome. The villian wanting to (like all video games) destroy the innocent. It reminded me of Bowser in all of the Mario Bros. games. My oldest loved these!! They are at an almost 3rd grade reading level, and he was able to and interested in reading them ALL ALONE!

The Notebook Of Doom- We checked this out from the library, there were multiple books in the series, and from what I saw it reminded me of Eerie Elementary, but we didn’t read it yet. It seemed great for my older reader.

The Last Kids On Earth- This book was another good pick for my oldest. It follows some kids as they navigate their way through a post apocalyptic (without being overly mature or graphic) Earth. There are multiple in the series, and it was a good read. This is a realistic chapter book, with very little pictures, and was a good one to read TO them at night.

Hardy Boys- Another pick for the older readers. This is an obvious remake on the classic Hardy Boys books, but with a modern spin on their missions. The first in the series was kind of flat, but this (book #6) was much more appealing to both my son and husband. They reported back that this was better than #1.

Ben Braver- This was a favorite of my oldest as well. There are two books in the series, and we read the first. The second is on its way to our library. It follows a boy (Ben Braver) as he attends a school for kids with super powers and he tries to find his own, but ends up not having “super powers”. He was still able to save the school and make a difference without them. It had a good message.



Our Fave Books For Boys.png

I hope this helps you select some fun books for your kiddos!

-Hannah (1)

DIY Color Me Mine Project At Home


It’s secret that I’m obsessed with doing crafts at home, and I love the idea of Color Me Mine… but its kind of far from my house and I have done a couple projects where I paint a ceramic piece and bake it in the oven and I don’t have to leave my house to do it!

So if your kids are misbehaving you didn’t expend energy getting out of the house to go to color me mine and come pick up your finished piece a couple days after you leave.

All you need is a ceramic piece, and enamel paint!


I found these ceramic pumpkins at Hobby Lobby when I was getting some fall decorations and HAD to buy them. I like doing crafts with the kids, as well as alone. This was perfect because I would display their work with my fall decor.


You take your paint and paint the piece,


and when you’re done just pop it in the oven on a cookie sheet.

When you finish let it sit inside while it preheats to 350.  

Let it bake for 30 mins and take it out to cool.


If you have paint pens from another project have your kiddo sign the bottom or back and  write the year its made before you put it in the oven to cure.

You can do this for so many holidays and occasions. Hopefully you do this and have some fun with your kids!



Back To School Again


Where has the summer gone?!

We have a little less than 2 weeks left of summer, and its an emotional year for our household. BOTH boys will be in school all day for the first time.

My mom heart hurts for all kinds of different reasons and yet is excited about this new chapter for our family (more about this later).

I wanted to talk about ALL THINGS BACK TO SCHOOL!

What are some of your back to school traditions, fave shopping spots, and what do you do to prep for getting back into the school year routine. I’ll be sharing what we do. 🙂

Being a boy mom comes with a lot of chaos managing. They’re loud, they’re rough, they’re fearless, they’re messy (but what kids aren’t), and… they’re tough on their clothes!

I’ve been really lucky with the fact that we get some amazing hand-me-downs from good friends of ours which end up going to both boys because they wear the same things in the same seasons; since their birthdays are exactly 3 years and 1 week apart. So, anything we had for our oldest got passed down to our youngest, and our oldest wasn’t really rough on his clothes until he started kindergarten, particularly his jeans! LORD knows how this boy constantly got holes in the knees of his pants.


As we were constantly repairing and then throwing out his pants we started to buy Cat & Jack jeans at target. They had just started this line, and we always shop at target anyway! So we gave it a shot. The coolest thing though, is that ALL CAT & JACK clothes (shoes too) come with a 1 YEAR GUARANTEE! Like what?! Any defects, damage that your child may do, will be replaced! This was the best thing ever for us and the jean dilemma!


Save your receipt if you don’t have a Target Redcard, but you really should get one, and then they will honor what you paid for those items up to 12 months later! If you have a Redcard, just take your things into guest services and they will give you credit back to your account or a giftcard for the FULL AMOUNT of the items!! HOLY GUACAMOLE!

This is a little secret from the target employee, Target’s system doesn’t have the capability to look up receipts older than 4 months out. If you used a Redcard, they will give you a giftcard for the full amount and you’re good to go! Now you can replace the clothes, even in a bigger size for the next school year! Or, you could treat yourself to whatever you want since it’s a giftcard! I did this and I was so happy that I was able to take them back and get new jeans for this upcoming school year. Now I won’t worry about how hard he is or isn’t on his jeans! Give Cat & Jack a try!


This is where I kind of “splurge”, on their backpacks. I started getting cute Pottery Barn backpacks when my oldest went off to preschool, and it became something I looked forward to buying. I just LOVE pottery barn, and I know the backpacks are going to be great quality and last. Last year, I got my a bigger backpack for my oldest (size Large) from Pottery Barn, and this year, I won’t be getting him a new one since its still in amazing shape and is big enough for him to use for a couple more years.  I did get my younger son since he hadn’t gotten a brand “new” one yet and I thought it would be a cute way to commemorate going off to Kindergarten.

I got him this oneScreen Shot 2018-08-03 at 1.51.07 PM.pngand this awesome matching lunch box. I got this really cool hard shell lunch box that was on clearance for my bigger guy (since he is so rough on his lunch pails- I usually get a new one each year).

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 1.55.05 PM

I used a 20% off coupon, and they offered free shipping on all backpacks and lunch boxes. I’ll call that a win!


Now for my favorite tradition for back-to-school (besides picking out PB backpacks), taking first day of school pictures! I know that you know there are a BILLION ways to do this thanks to Pinterest and everyone else you have to see on social media- here is what I did and stick with.  backtoschool

One of our good friends did this and I loved it, and knew when my kids were old enough I would do this too. I used a Crayola Easel we had, and use magnetic letters and numbers to write out their name, what grade, first day of whatever grade, and the date. This is something I love and really look forward to. Its especially amazing when you can compare the LAST day of that school year side by side. By doing this tradition, I plan on having all of their school years like this to remember. Imagine how annoyed and embarrassed HighSchool boys will me when I make them (and I will make them) stand in front of a easel on the first and last day of school! You can use a dry erase board, a letterboard, a banner, you can photoshop pictures and add text to them, there are all kinds of fun ways to mark the beginning of school for your kids, and making those tradition are what is the most fun.

Find what brings you joy, and stick with it!

I’m raising my coffee cup to you mamas and giving you a symbolic cheers to the upcoming school year with some (lets face it) lukewarm coffee! 

End Of The Year Teacher Gift Ideas

As the school year comes to a close, you may feel compelled to give your kiddo’s teacher(s) a present.

Here are some fun, easy, and heartfelt ideas for you.

This year, and when my oldest was in speech therapy several years ago before preschool, I printed out these cute Thanks a Latte cards and gave it to his teacher with a Starbucks gift card.

Now, this year for my youngest graduating preschool, and not having tons of time to craft I did it again. It’s nice, and doesn’t require a whole lot of effort.

Here is where I got the download to print it off.

Just print it, cut it out (I printed two copies per page and it made the perfect size to attach the coffee sleeve) get a gift card, and staple the coffee collar to it, then insert the gift card into it and have your child sign it (or you sign for them)


Here are a few other printable gift card options

If you’re looking for something more crafty, I made these over the past school years.

I took a canvas tote, cut an apple in half and dipped in acrylic paint and dabbed it onto the tote in a pattern and my son gave it to his teacher with a clipboard that had her name on it.

To make the clipboard, go and pick out some paper you like in the scrapbooking section, cut them how you want them to be positioned on the clipboard and just buy some modpodge, lightly coat the side the paper will stick to, lay it on top, then go over again, on the top to seal them together and onto the clipboard. I took letter stickers from the scrapbooking section and stuck them on each one versus brining out my silhouette. You could cut letters on hour circut or silhouette etc. as well. These were also covered in the top coat of modpodge.

Tie some string to the top of the clipboard and it’s done!

Lastly, for this crafting teacher Initial, I got a small chalkboard, wooden wall initial, some chalk pens, crayons, and a couple rulers that I would cut to be the border.

I used a chalk marker, and wrote the teacher’s name at the bottom, and hot glued the wooden letter to it.

Then I took some crayons, hot glued them to that letter, and cut off any areas that were going to be too long- with a kitchen knife (seriously lol).

I took some rulers, used one of our saws, and created a border around it and got glued that on too. I wrote my sons name, or maybe had him sign it on the back, I can’t remember, but she loved it.


You can always do something simple, like grabbing some $5 flowers from the grocery store, putting them in a mason jar and attaching a note with a ribbon for them too.

Whether it’s teacher appreciation day, end of the school year, or the beginning hopefully this gives you some fun and thoughtful ideas to do for the teachers in your life.





WOW! Its been a while. A LOT HAS CHANGED, more blog posts to come on that soon!  But for now I wanted to talk about the epic Nerf Party I had for the boys. It was fun without being crazy complicated (in my opinion).

As the years have gone by, I have always LOVED throwing my boy’s birthday parties jointly. Their birthdays are just 7 days apart, and they for the most part like the same things.  This year, the nerf idea surfaced and they both were super excited about it. So naturally, I ran with it.

For me, throwing a “cute” party or well designed party is what excites me. So I thought of how I could keep this fun,  uncomplicated, while seeming well planned out (when in reality it wasn’t a hassle at all). Here is how I did it.

My BIGGEST TIP for throwing any party is to TO THINGS IN STAGES! Make a plan, well beforehand and follow it! Don’t, I repeat DON’T try to do all of the cooking, prep, setup, on the day of the party. Just don’t.

When I plan parties I typically:

  1. Pick a date (ideally 4 weeks in advance for myself and guests)
  2. Pick a theme (think of the colors you will be using for invites, decorations, etc)
  3. Create or buy invitations and mail them out with the 4 week advance notice for guests
  4. Once invites have gone out, plan what you want to do, how you want to decorate, think of food you want to serve, where things are going to go and be setup, plan party favors you may or may not have.
  5. As it nears the 2 week mark, start shopping. If you are closer to stores than I am, you have the luxury of pushing this out, but it stresses me out to not have all of the things I need in advance, in case some stores don’t have what I’m envisioning then I have a time cushion to look around.
  6. One week out- do a little something EACH DAY. Small tasks done over the week really help ease the burden of throwing a party, versus a ton of work in one day.     So look at what you planned in step 4. What did you buy, what are you making, what are you cooking or picking up, what are you setting up?                                    Then look at your schedule- what can you accomplish EACH day.                            Leaving very little to do on the day of the party, and allowing yourself time to shower and get ready!
  7. Day before party- Set out as much of the things you can BEFORE the party. This would be tables, chairs, anything that isn’t perishable or won’t get messed up. Do the bulk of the sweaty work before the morning/day of.  Prep any food you can and have it either done, or almost finished so the day of you don’t need to be doing any heavy cooking. I picked up my pizzas the day before. I set out all of my tables, did the streamer wall and got all my supplies (table cloths, napkins etc) in boxes set out where I would be setting them up
  8. Party day- I like just putting finishing touches on things the day of, because when I did NOT do this, it makes things so crazy!  I just laid out table cloths, set out center pieces, and hung up balloons. (if my party wasn’t outdoors and wouldn’t get blown away I could have done the balloons the day before as well).

Now that I had my Nerf theme, I picked the colors I wanted to use throughout the party. This will be used in balloon, table cloths, napkins, flatware, and any other decorating elements. I used nerf colors since that was the theme of the party- blue and orange.          So when picking out all those things I wanted to use a mix of both blue and orange.

Second, I made the invitations to coordinate with the Nerf theme.                                            I saw a design of a digital invitation on Etsy that was nerf themed, and I went on Canva to create a similar invitation. Here is a link to that file that is blank that you can personalize and add your own info to. Nerf Party Invitation

Here's a gift from us

I printed them at Walgreens, on photo paper, because they are so cheap and I never have to waste my ink at home– because lets face it, the ink is always low. PLUS, there are usually coupons all the time for photo prints. I printed the invitations for under $5!

Third, I planned out what I wanted to do at the party and how I wanted to set things up. I’m old school, I like to write down on paper, and see what I wanted to do as the list grew and evolved I’m able to cross out, scratch off or erase what I don’t want. I wrote down what games I wanted to do, what I needed to actually MAKE for the party (both food and decorations). Pinterest was my best friend for ideas on this. So I typed Nerf Birthday Party into Pinterest and got some inspiration.  This is my board if you want to take a look at what I had pinned  Nerf Party Pinterest Board

At our home, we have this great existing pole barn structure that we have used for a couple of years now to set tables out and use for our parties and I LOVE it. I have lots of ideas of stream lights, old chandeliers and more down the road I’ll add. So I knew thats WHERE I would be setting up my tables, food, etc. This year, I wanted to play around with streamers (also from the dollar store) and make sort of a backdrop wall where I knew I would be putting the food table, and setting the cakes out when it was time to sing happy birthday and it would make for a nice picture backdrop.

This, surprisingly was something my oldest helped me the WHOLE time with! I got a ladder, picked where I wanted this to go, took packing tape and stretching it the length of where I wanted it with the sticky side FACING out, then took two more pieces of tape and secured each end of the tape (sticky side down) to the wall. So I was left with two taped down ends and a long stretch of sticky side out tape for my streamers. I took my streamers in coordinating blue and orange and stuck it to the tape that was sticky and just dropped it to the ground, my oldest was there, and he cut the streamer, and handed me the other color, and we kept going. THEN we took another LONG piece of tape and taped over all of the streamers we had just stuck down. So this created a sandwich, the streamers were first attached to the sticky side, then taped over and secured. We then came to each piece and gently turned them to give them that spiral look, then we taped the bottom of all of the streamers so that they weren’t flapping around. We did this on all the streamers and left it overnight. You could also just tape them straight too. The next morning we came and attached balloons to the top of the streamers to cover up the tape. (Did you notice there is one balloon missing in the picture, it was super small so we had swapped it and apparently I took this before I had fixed it!)

I saw cute centerpiece ideas on Pinterest for this theme and just mimicked them.


The places I knew I would be stopping for Decorations were: Dollar Tree, Target, Joann’s, Hobby Lobby and potentially Party City depending who did or didn’t have what I wanted. I found metal buckets (I looked at all the places) at Joann’s, I got those, and found some 50% off wooden numbers at Hobby Lobby that I hot glued to wooden dowels, spray painted with the blue spray paint I was already going to be using to the shooting can game, stuck that into some floral foam I placed inside the buckets, topped with dollar tree orange crinkle paper, and used some wire to stick into extra nerf bullets and stick that into the foam too. Voila!


The other thing I saw that was cute, were pool noodles (also bought at Dollar Tree) that looked like nerf bullets! I got some to use scattered across the tables, but ended up having to tape them down since it was kind of windy the day of the party. I took the pool noodle, cut each one into 4 pieces, and then attached with double sided tape some orange construction paper to look like bullets. Another idea, if you see orange duct tape, you could skip the construction paper step and use that, and can cover the hole on the noodle. I didn’t see that or think of that until after. But this was still super cute and easy! Now we will have a bunch of random pool noodle pieces to play with this summer too, maybe I could even use them for fourth of July!


I saw that a cute idea with cans- that were spray painted that kids could shoot with their nerf guns. I got some blue rustoleum spray paint from Lowe’s (because its multi finish, you can spray over just about anything) that was paint and primer, and I just used old cans we had here. The orange was a little too sheer, and it bugged me to see the logos, so I took the leftover blue and made them cammo. Now no one knows except you!


IMG_9905First activity, check!

I saw several (no real ingenuity here) ideas for barricade type areas where kids and adults can literally shoot it out. With my husband being a farmer, we have an abundance of pallets we could use. So we (he) took about 7 of them and set them up in different formations and threw some camo I got from Amazon (in coordinating blue, I might add) over them as he staked them into our grass. He drew a line in the grass with some left over orange spray paint from the cans so there were divided sides and teams- ALL his ideas.



Second activity, check! The other thing I saw and loved was this idea of making cups with prizes inside. You hot glue plastic party cups to a foam board, I got mine at Dollar Tree, and you put tissue paper over it and attach with a rubber band or more hot glue. They stand behind and shoot the board, and if it didn’t puncture the cup enough, they went up and just punched the cup and grabbed their prize! I grabbed little things from the dollar section at Target, and used 15 cups.

Third activity, check!

For all of the activities planned, we had an grab bag/ammo station set up and all the games right by each other. The kids grabbed camo bags filled with nerf bullets, nerf glasses, and a nerf gun off of the ammo table. The kids each got one of these and it REPLACED doing a traditional favor bag.


I ordered the Disruptor gun from Target, I was checking prices on Amazon, Kohls, Target etc. and this one was 39% off so it was a pretty good deal since we only have to buy a handful of them for the bigger kids. For the littler kids I got this one from Amazon, and like I said, these would be their favors along with the bag, bullets, glasses.

I ordered a 300 pack of bullets on  Amazon for the cake decorations, and for the kids to go wild with. You know how nerf bullets go, they’re kind of like laundry socks and go missing.

They each grabbed a bunch of water balloons to take home as well.  I got this printable from the East Coast Mommy Blog  and she had a great post about their nerf party. I ordered coordinating blue water balloons off of Amazon because I like to stick to the theme colors AND because I live so far from stores, ordering and planning in advance saves me SO much time and money. I may take the drive to target and not be able to find only blue water balloons! I printed them on card stock I had at home and attached them to the balloons. IMG_9903

Now that we have talked invitations, colors, activities, favors, lets talk FOOD!


I really enjoy throwing parties, and preparing fun food menus, but lets face it. There are only 24 hours in each day. So, I would rather the party be really cute than have fancy food at the end of the day. Since we now live on the farm, in a small town where I cant just run to a regular store to grab food my options are way more limited than they used to be. My boys both really love pizza, and I feel like most people do! So I wanted to have pizza, but again, with a small pizza chain here as my only option and not wanting to spend a fortune on a couple pizzas (they have the pizza market cornered here and can basically charge what they want) I decided to do take and bake pizzas from Papa Murphy’s. There is one 20 minutes from me, and I picked those up the day before. I ordered some and used a coupon and ended up sending $30 for 4 pizzas! This fed 30 adults and 8 children! I took my pizza cutter and made the slices even smaller, and more snack size since my party wasn’t at a real meal time.

I threw together a quick strawberry salad with candied pecans, crumbled feta, and creamy balsamic dressing from Sprouts, and had popcorn in cute little blue boxes and chips. I put some gatorades (blue and white, I try to stay away from dyes for my kiddos as much as I can) and waters in an ice bucket and thats it! IMG_9871IMG_9796

I REALLY got into baking a few years back when my oldest was about 1, not sure HOW I did this.. but I did. I normally made some really cute, elaborate and fancy decorated sugar cookies but this year I didn’t! I wanted to keep it simple, and low key, while still being festive but didn’t want to completely lose my mind in the process.

I posted a tutorial how to make the nerf cakes I made for the boys.

I have been baking on and off for 7 years (and started a small business doing it), I feel comfortable tackling some things when I know some people would completely balk at the thought. Like I said, I did NOT want to spend a ton of time making absolutely adorable decorated sugar cookies, only to be devoured in 5 minutes. SO this year, I did NOT do cookies, but did simple cakes decorated with nerf bullets instead!


I could have made these way more elaborate, busted out some fondant, watched some crazy youtube tutorials.. but I DIDN’T! I will create a blog post about how to make these cakes. It was really simple, and since I was basically covering ninety percent of the cake with nerf bullets it was actually pretty forgiving and simple. I used doctored box cake mixes as well. So stay tuned for a post about my FAVORITE buttercream frosting recipe and how to assemble a simple cake like this. Having some basic baking skills can carry you a long way, and if you never try, you will never get better. Plus, I know I saved at least $100 versus going to a bakery and asking for them to create two nerf cakes.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and got some fun ideas to use for your own parties whether it is nerf themed or not. Be sure to subscribe to see my new blog posts, and feel free to share this blog on any of your social media platforms with your friends.



– Hannah

DIY Christmas Thank You Card

Happy Holidays!

thank you card

Now that Christmas has passed us yet again and our homes are full of new goodies, having little ones like I do you may forget to doing simple things like writing a Thank You card.

I personally ALWAYS take the time to make sure I thank people for gifts either for myself and husband or my children. This is definitely something that falls by the wayside these days, and it is such a simple gesture that speaks volumes to those who gave you presents. On that note, I think this is something special you can do to really show your appreciation to others while being SIMPLE!

With that being said–I bet your tree and decorations are still up too, so if you didn’t happen to catch a picture of your kids on christmas opening gifts or by the tree stick them by it and snap a picture- you will be glad you did!

I took pictures of my boys that morning but made an effort to take one for this THANK YOU CARD!

I figured their grandparents and relatives who live here and those who don’t who sent presents would LOVE getting a Thank You card with their picture on it!

There are several websites out there that have templates to make a cute card like I did, and I happened to use shutter fly “PRINT AT HOME”- I bet some of you didn’t even know that existed huh?!


Add your photo and text and then just print it out!


I used some card stock I had, or you could use photo paper; heck you could even print it at walmart or target and then just pick it up if you don’t like your printers quality or don’t want to waste ink!

Here is my finished product (this was my tester and there are water spots from sitting on our counter by the sink)

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and that you give this a try since its only a few days past Christmas. Im sure everyone will enjoy a personalized photo Christmas Thank You card!