DIY Glitter Phone Case

Who doesn’t love glitter??!

I saw some posts on pinterest about making phone cases, and I decided to give it a try!

This is a super easy thing do to, and comes out looking amazing! The best thing is that is totally custom and can be a great cheap gift for yourself or someone else… and with Valentine’s Day coming up, this could be a nice little gift for a coworker, a friend or sibling! 
Glitter Phone Collage m

Here is what you will need


– Craft Glitter ( I used Martha Stewarts Craft glitter because it is superfine, and I used a 40% off coupon from Michael’s)

– Matte finish Mod Podge (also available at Michael’s)

– A foam brush

-Clear phone case (I got mine for my model off of Amazon for $4!)

– A bowl lined with aluminum foil for easy clean up


  1. Mix your craft glitter with some modge podge in the bowl you lined with aluminum foil. This will make for easy clean up and you will just lift the foil out and put it in the trash versus having a dirty bowl to soak and clean! You will want the mod podge to have LOTS of glitter in it, so use more glitter then mod podge- think 2:1 consistency- you will want to see lots of glitter in the mod podge. 
  2. Take your foam brush and brush the mod podge/ glitter mixture over your phone case. Make sure to do even strokes so the finish is even as it dries. Do about 2-3 coats depending on how much glitter you mixed in. If you went a little lighter on the glitter, you might want to do more than 3. Wait at least 30 minutes in between. I waited 1 hr between coats. Rinse your brush off in between coats, otherwise it will get really hard and wont brush on the next one well.


This is what mine looked like as it was drying, I laid it on some aluminum foil to keep my counters clean and prevent the case from sticking to anything as it dried.

Now all that is left to do after it is dried, is put it on!!

You may have to pick off some of the excess areas around where the phone case snaps together, if you dont have a snap case this wont affect you. We messed with it a little and it snapped together great!

All together this cost me less than $15! I think that’s pretty awesome!

If you noticed the phone case holder in the top collage, I will also be posting a tutorial for how to make that too!

phone in holder m

Hope you enjoyed this, and that you try it yourself! I know some of my friends liked it so I will be making more for them!

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