DIY Christmas Thank You Card

Happy Holidays!

thank you card

Now that Christmas has passed us yet again and our homes are full of new goodies, having little ones like I do you may forget to doing simple things like writing a Thank You card.

I personally ALWAYS take the time to make sure I thank people for gifts either for myself and husband or my children. This is definitely something that falls by the wayside these days, and it is such a simple gesture that speaks volumes to those who gave you presents. On that note, I think this is something special you can do to really show your appreciation to others while being SIMPLE!

With that being said–I bet your tree and decorations are still up too, so if you didn’t happen to catch a picture of your kids on christmas opening gifts or by the tree stick them by it and snap a picture- you will be glad you did!

I took pictures of my boys that morning but made an effort to take one for this THANK YOU CARD!

I figured their grandparents and relatives who live here and those who don’t who sent presents would LOVE getting a Thank You card with their picture on it!

There are several websites out there that have templates to make a cute card like I did, and I happened to use shutter fly “PRINT AT HOME”- I bet some of you didn’t even know that existed huh?!

Add your photo and text and then just print it out!


I used some card stock I had, or you could use photo paper; heck you could even print it at walmart or target and then just pick it up if you don’t like your printers quality or don’t want to waste ink!

Here is my finished product (this was my tester and there are water spots from sitting on our counter by the sink)

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and that you give this a try since its only a few days past Christmas. Im sure everyone will enjoy a personalized photo Christmas Thank You card!

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