End Of The Year Teacher Gift Ideas

As the school year comes to a close, you may feel compelled to give your kiddo’s teacher(s) a present.

Here are some fun, easy, and heartfelt ideas for you.

This year, and when my oldest was in speech therapy several years ago before preschool, I printed out these cute Thanks a Latte cards and gave it to his teacher with a Starbucks gift card.

Now, this year for my youngest graduating preschool, and not having tons of time to craft I did it again. It’s nice, and doesn’t require a whole lot of effort.

Here is where I got the download to print it off.

Just print it, cut it out (I printed two copies per page and it made the perfect size to attach the coffee sleeve) get a gift card, and staple the coffee collar to it, then insert the gift card into it and have your child sign it (or you sign for them)


Here are a few other printable gift card options

If you’re looking for something more crafty, I made these over the past school years.

I took a canvas tote, cut an apple in half and dipped in acrylic paint and dabbed it onto the tote in a pattern and my son gave it to his teacher with a clipboard that had her name on it.

To make the clipboard, go and pick out some paper you like in the scrapbooking section, cut them how you want them to be positioned on the clipboard and just buy some modpodge, lightly coat the side the paper will stick to, lay it on top, then go over again, on the top to seal them together and onto the clipboard. I took letter stickers from the scrapbooking section and stuck them on each one versus brining out my silhouette. You could cut letters on hour circut or silhouette etc. as well. These were also covered in the top coat of modpodge.

Tie some string to the top of the clipboard and it’s done!

Lastly, for this crafting teacher Initial, I got a small chalkboard, wooden wall initial, some chalk pens, crayons, and a couple rulers that I would cut to be the border.

I used a chalk marker, and wrote the teacher’s name at the bottom, and hot glued the wooden letter to it.

Then I took some crayons, hot glued them to that letter, and cut off any areas that were going to be too long- with a kitchen knife (seriously lol).

I took some rulers, used one of our saws, and created a border around it and got glued that on too. I wrote my sons name, or maybe had him sign it on the back, I can’t remember, but she loved it.


You can always do something simple, like grabbing some $5 flowers from the grocery store, putting them in a mason jar and attaching a note with a ribbon for them too.

Whether it’s teacher appreciation day, end of the school year, or the beginning hopefully this gives you some fun and thoughtful ideas to do for the teachers in your life.



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