I Love You Because…

Valentine’s Day is just 8 days from now!! I know you could be looking to do or make something special for your spouse, and its hard to come up with different things every year!

So I made this for my husband last year

Frame Front label
It sits in our bathroom, and we write little notes to each other all year and has been something I definitely was glad I made!
This is VERY easy, and so fun because it can be easily customized for your house!

Here is what you will need:

– A picture frame ( this could be laying around the house or new, I used an 8×10)

– Scrapbook paper in a pattern you like

– Felt material to make the flowers, or any other embellishment you want like buttons etc.

– Hot glue gun and glue sticks

– Dry erase marker

          1. Once you’ve picked out the frame that you like, and either refinished it by spray painting it (if its old) or buying it, you will go to your computer and type out how you want the font to be sized and laid out and then print it on your scrapbook paper. I played around with various sizes, spacing, and mixed the fonts BEFORE I actually printed it on the scrapbook paper. Be sure to test it out first!



Fold the middle over and start to wind the flower into itself


When its all wrapped around it will look like this


Now you get your hot glue and glue the edge to the flower to secure it, but you could skip this and just glue it directly onto the frame however you want it!
Add any other decorations you want, I think adding some buttons around the flowers would be cute or a bow etc.

That’s it, you’re done!! Now all you have to do is write a cute message!

Hope you make one for your Valentine
* the felt flower images were taken from a blog I googled since I didnt take a picture of this step when I made it.

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