Etched Glass Tutorial

I love getting things and making them cuter, especially when it happens cheaply!

I was looking for a piece of furniture to hide my printer and files since we are cleaning out the office to make room for baby #2, and I found this cabinet which I wasn’t too crazy about and decided to etch the glass with a nice geometric pattern to hide the office supplies going inside- since this will be in my hallway!


Here is how you can do this too

You’ll need:

– a pattern or vinyl sticker with the pattern of your choice. ( I saw one online for $34, and wasn’t about to spend that just to throw it away)

– This is the pattern I used, I printed it at 300%


– an exacto knife

– Valspar Frosting Spray- I got mine from lowes 

– Painters tape and paper to cover surrounding areas from overspray


1. Print out your pattern and use your exacto knife to cut out the pattern, like this

2. Align it with where you are going to be adding your design. I placed mine on the INSIDE of the cabinet, since it is low and there will always be grubby hands touching it. This will prevent smears and smudges on the pattern since it will be on the inside.

3. Put tape around the glass and wrap the outside with paper so the spray paint doesn’t go on anywhere it’s not supposed to.


Remember to follow your specific can’s instructions. I sprayed 3 coats on the glass and was happy with the coverage, I waited 10 minutes or so between each coat- it dries fast!

4. Once it is dry, peel off the tape and paper and it will reveal your pattern!!


That’s it, you’re done! Think about all of the different places and pieces of furniture you can customize! I will probably be doing this on our entertainment stand in our living room to hide our cable boxes and movies!

Give it a try, if it doesnt turn out right just frost the rest of the glass and the whole thing will be uniform- its win/win!

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